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September 2012

“Senior Innovation Advisor for US Secretary of State picks C-Dax Pasture Meter as the innovation highlight for New Zealand”

TV3 News interviewed Alec Ross, Senior Innovation Advisor to US Secretary of State Hillary Cinton, about his role in the upcoming Project Revolution conference in September 2012. This conference is being organised by Auckland University to study the impacts of digital innovation and the rise of social media.

During the interview Alec was asked if there were any New Zealand technology projects that have caught his eye.
“There’s one that’s really interesting called (C-Dax) Pasture Meter. It’s fascinating. It takes 200 measurements per second to identify how much grass is in the paddock and to more effectively distribute dairy cows. And it’s being used all over the world right now and it’s adding, I’ve heard, up to $57,000 per dairy farmer in revenue. So this is a big deal. It’s the everyday innovations that can change the world.”

In 2012, Newsweek named Alec in their Digital Power Index Top 100 influencers, listing him among other “public servants defining digital regulatory boundaries.”

Click on the link below to see the full interview:
(NB: C-Dax Pasture Meter features at 3:48)

Alec Ross, Senior Innovation Advisor to US Secretary of State Hillary Cinton

Latest News

July 2012

“We’ve increased production by 25% in two years” Graeme Hewlett, Dairy Farmer
Mata, South Whangarei

Graeme milks 450 cows south of Whangarei and has been using C-Dax products for some years. Like most farmers, Graeme is keen to keep pushing the goal-posts out in order to maximise efficiencies and profitability. Over the years Graeme has had a few C-Dax products and recently he’s invested in XC1 Smart Control to partner his modern farming approach.

Graeme’s Herd Manager, Brendon Davison, uses their Pasture Meter weekly. The information from the measuring runs are used to quickly and accurately create feed wedges which dictate their cows’ rotation schedules—a job that used to take considerable time. They’re also able to utilise XC1’s cross platform capabilities and use the console from their C-DIT spreaders on the bike with their Pasture Meter.

The Pasture Meter technology also enables them to quickly identify surpluses or deficits early on. Graeme says “Being able to see these surpluses in good time and be able to take full advantage of them has been critical to the increase we’ve had in production.” When they’ve seen a pending surplus they’ve been able to shut up the paddocks and take off a crop of silage while still maintaining regular production. “By handling the surplus at the right time we’ve also managed to get high quality feed, which also keeps our production higher. ”

Graeme purchased his C-DIT spreaders and Pasture Meter through C B Norwoods Whangarei because he knows that they’re geared up to be able to service the machines when they come to need it. During the initial set up Graeme and Brendon were able to easily have their questions answered and the after sales back up from C-Dax met all their expectations.

XC1 C-DIT 1300 + 400 SPREADERS
Graeme’s decision to purchase a C-DIT 1300 3PL spreader with XC1 Smart Control capability wasn’t a difficult one. He compared various spreaders on the market and found that C-Dax’s C-DIT 1300 stood out from the rest. “Being able to get control and automation for the same price as other manual spreaders is impressive” says Graeme.

XC1 Smart Control has been a real bonus to the Hewletts farming operation. The spreader itself requires no calibration when using the pre-programmed applications and the XC1 console totally controls the flow rate. “It’s simple—the menu is easy to follow and all you have to do is select the product you’re wanting to spread and the rate you require, then you’re away.” Graeme finds that one of the best features of XC1 Smart Control is the abiity to make driving very easy. “Being able to change up a gear in the New Holland tractor when the going is good is a real feature, Smart Control automatically adjusts the spreader to maintain the correct rate of application.”

Graeme has also been impressed by the accuracy of the spreader and the outstanding width of the spread pattern. Being confident that the spreader is doing the job in the most efficient way possible.

Another bonus of Smart Control technology that Graeme appreciates is its ability to future-proof his applications. Having the software for proof of placement records means applications are fully traceable should you be required to submit this information at any future date.

Graeme has also purchased a C-DIT 400 to utilise when the weather conditions become too much for heavy machinery. The C-DIT 400 is fitted with floatation style tyres as standard to ensure your pasture is protected as much as possible and works from the same console as his C-DIT 1300.

Graeme Hewlett, Dairy Farmer Mata, South Whangarei

November 2011

C-Dax wins prestigious NZ Innovators Award

view.php?main=newsC-Dax Pasture Meter was at the forefront of the recent New Zealand Innovators Awards winning the “2011 Innovation in Environment and Agriculture” category.

The New Zealand Innovators Awards recognise great kiwi innovations, inventors and organisations that have invested in developing new products, services and ventures, and their contribution to the growth and development of the New Zealand economy.

Organised by Bayer New Zealand, Idealog Magazine and Ideas Accelerator, the annual awards showcase achievements across a broad spectrum of New Zealand business sectors.

This year’s winners were announced on 20 October, 2011 at an event hosted at the HP/Intel Winter Garden in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter.

C-Dax’s win showcases the company’s collaborative approach to innovative technology. Teaming up with Massey University’s Dr Rob Murray, Dr Hayden Lawrence, and Professor Ian Yule, the C-Dax Pasturemeter was developed to provide an accurate, efficient and flexible solution to pasture metering. The team developed a pulsing beam of near infra-red light which enables pasture measurement at speeds of up to 20kph while taking 200 measurements per second. Software can then calculate feed wedges and identify where there are shortages or surpluses, and improve pasture utilisation by up to 15%. Calculated on the 2011dairy payout, this has the potential to add a 7.1% or just over $46,000 to the average dairy farm’s income.

To find out more about C-Dax Pasturemeter and what it can do for your farming operation call 0800 230 230. To find out more about these awards and other winners go to www.innovators.org.nz

November 2011

Effectively increase your payout by 6.8¢ for every 1% increase in grass utilisation

(a) New Zealand Dairy Statistics 2009/10; (b) Calculation based on 5.5T for 300 kgMS/Cow/Yr with 20% wastage (Dexcel, Feed Information Sheet); (c) Based on feed per cow requirement in (b); (d) Fonterra forecasted milksolid payout for 2011/2012. Statistics NZ; Excludes dairy company retentions and deduction for DairyNZ levy; (e) Measured increase (7.0%) in pasture utilisation using C-Dax Pasture Meter (Case Study: Lawrence, [2009]) utilisation calculations based on data from 2008/09 using Dairy NZ, Pasture Eaten Calculator v1.04


October 2009

Pastoral 21 results for C-Dax Pasture Meter

During 2008, AgResearch, DairyNZ and Massey University with support of Pastoral 21 Feeds Program conducted extensive independent calibration of the C-Dax Pasture Meter on dairy pastures throughout New Zealand. Pastoral 21 is funded by NZ Governments Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST), DairyNZ, Fonterra and Meat &Wool NZ.

Standardised trials were run in Northland (Dargaville), Waikato (Ruakura), Taranaki (Hawera), Canterbury (Lincoln) and Southland (Wallacetown). The results of these trials are shown in the table below. C-Dax are pleased to provide you this information on behalf of the Pastoral 21 team.

Results to date indicate that 35-40 mm on the C-Dax Pasture Meter is equivalent to 7–8 clicks and is the desired post-grazing residual to ensure cows are offered high quality pasture in subsequent grazings.

Measuring post grazing residual height with the C-Dax Pasture Meter as the cows are being collected for milking provides instantaneous feedback on feeding levels and enables staff to make objective decisions on feed allocation for the next grazing period i.e. sending the herd back to that paddock to achieve the desired residual or moving them to a new paddock.

Northland 22.6 744
Waikato 16.3 700
Taranaki 21.8 827
Canterbury 18.1 729
Southland 17.7 825

For ease of use the calibration equations have been restricted to a single constant and multiplier and are only valid for use with C-Dax Pasture Meter. These average calibration equations for each region provide a great starting point if you generally use one calibration equation throughout the year.

For further information contact: Dr Robyn Dynes, ph 03 321 8800 robyn.dynes@agresearch.co.nz


Dr Robyn Dynes
Objective Leader: Tools for Pasture Management

Dr Warren King
Project leader: Pasture Quality

Greig Shearer
Managing Director, C-Dax Ltd

June 2009

XP1: Simplicity for efficiency.

An agricultural solution for the farming world is the philosophy that was once again demonstrated by Greig Shearer (C-Dax Ltd Managing Director) and Steve Maharey (Massey University Vice Chancellor) with their partnership of pasture management tools and world leading science.

Following on from the successful launch of Pasture Meter in June 2006, we are proud to showcase the latest XP1 development with ongoing support from Massey University’s reputable agricultural science teams.

The new XP1 release utilises GPS and information technology to work seamlessly for farmers ensuring well-informed decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. Full integration with LIC’s FarmKeeper software, a powerful farm mapping and recording application, enables the autopaddock recognition. Bundled options ensure you have everything you need right from the start including ongoing support from the teams at C-Dax and LIC.

The amalgamation of C-Dax technology, Massey science and LIC software creates a powerful, simple to use pasture management solution that is now becoming a mainstream tool in profitable farming throughout New Zealand.

Greig Shearer, Managing Director C-Dax, withSteve Maharey, Vice Chancellor Massey University, at Fieldays® 2009

May 2009

XP1 is here.

C-Dax Agricultural Solutions introduces “FarmKeeper” and delighted to announce its association with LIC (Livestock Improvement Corporation).

The C-Dax tried and tested Pasture Meter, developed in association with Massey University Centre for Precision Agriculture, now boasts the addition of LIC’s FarmKeeper farm management software system and GPS technology to further enhance on-farm efficiencies and pasture utilisation. Pasture Meter makes getting consistent, accurate and effective readings for FarmKeeper effortless, and ensures your budgets will keep you ahead.

Shearer, Managing Director C-Dax, with Mark Dewdney, Ceo Lic
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