The benefits


High strength design combined with advanced sensor technology enables the C-Dax Pasture Meter to be used at speeds of up to 20kph—allowing fast, accurate pasture measurement.

At this speed, Pasture Meter will take up to 200 measurements per second—or 18,500 readings over a single 500m pass—compared to perhaps 250 readings over the same distance with a rising plate meter!


Not only does this system allow quick and easy measurement of grass but it also means that anyone can use it, independent of skills or training. If you can ride an ATV you can use Pasture Meter.

The readings are totally independent of the user so you will always get consistent and comparable data no matter who is using it, what their skill level is or vehicle dynamics are. So unlike ultrasonic or plate meters rain, dust, operator weight, rough ground, temperature, humidity, or hill slopes do not affect Pasture Meter’s accuracy.


Accurate pasture measurement won’t just tell you how much feed you have. It will also easily identify areas of poor production that need attention, enabling more efficient fertiliser application and helping reduce your input costs.


Establish a feed budgeting forecast and the potential to greatly improve pasture utilisation, which in times of feed shortages can help you plan your grazing round. As the season progresses, identify possible feed surpluses for extra hay or silage.

It’s also ideal for calculating break feed sizes—increasing pasture utilisation up to 15%.


Transfer data directly onto your computer for accurate and easy record keeping enabling easy seasonal tracking and comparisons.

The software provides a powerful farm mapping and recording application which enables autopaddock recognition.Bundled options ensure you have everything you need right from the start including ongoing support from the teams at C-Dax.

The new XP1 release utilises GPS and information technology to work seamlessly for farmers ensuring well-informed decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

Windows 7 compatible.

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